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i need a subject

2007-12-27 17:32:26 by maxi21325

i just want somethin to talk about... and i always see this message.. you havent made any news posts yet!!! go make one, you dumbass!!!! well, right now i'll just go eat some cake... and then play some WOW... haha, i dont have WoW... im not gonna pay for a fuckin online game... that sucks... and im eating a sandwich now.. im a bit fat.... thats right... well, i'll just leave this place before somebody kills me...


i need a subject


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2008-01-03 08:51:23

HEY fuckhead

Voted 5 on ur movie again. It's 1.59 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111 111

maxi21325 responds:

fuck you steve!!!! i mean.. tibo (what a weird name xD) oh yeah, and happy day for U too :D


2008-01-12 23:08:09

Let's talk about loli, or CP, or little girls in general... got any loli?

-The one and only... LOLI LOVER!!